Musicians for Christ

Like many of my colleagues, I spent a great deal of time on the internet looking for musical inspiration and direction. Most of my musical infancy took place during the early 00s, so the resources available was either few or (in the case of the original trombone forum) I was ignorant to their existence. The website I spent most my time on was Doug Yeo’s site, probably the first major trombone internet outlet and, to this day, still an invaluable resource. I grew up in a small farming town in Arizona, very little resources and even fewer musical outlets were available to me. Plus, I’m afraid to said that the church I was attending at the time, my family church, was not the most supportive group when it came to music. Music was only acceptable if it came from the hymn book and was played by a piano (in tune was optional). So when I began reading and following Doug Yeo’s website, reading about his Christian faith had the biggest impact on me. It was inspiring to read his thoughts and approach to God’s instrument (bass trombone) and then turn around and read how to be a servant to the Lord.

As the years have gone by more internet resources have become available and my favorite haunts have grown. Now I’m constantly visiting David Vining‘s website, David Brubeck, and Micah Everett, looking for new ideas and sources of inspiration; and while resources concerning trombone have increased exponentially, nothing inspires me like reading the success stories of those who place their faith in Christ. I can use more of that.

I’m hoping this new blog series concerning Christians and the triumphs given to them by the Lord will provide others with the spiritual inspiration that I have received over the years. I also hope that this series will serve as a testament to those who may be questioning what it means to be a Christian, and what God can provide you. A peace that passeth all understanding.

God bless you.

Unfortunately, this project has stalled and is on indefinite hiatus. If you are interested in participating, please contact me.

Dr. Calvin Audis

Megumi Kanda

Megumi Kanda is an incredible musician who inspires others to work hard with a positive outlook. Her personal journey as a trombone player is full of obstacles, both physical and mental, that should encourage others to keep working through their flaws and barriers. I am extremely honored to have her…

Dr. Micah Everett

Dr. Micah Everett is a doubling master who specializes in low brass. While his day gig consists of teaching trombone, tuba, and euphonium at University of Mississippi, he is also a well published scholar and blogger. His website provides great information concerning low brass pedagogy, historical information pertaining to low…